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Every night my place of peace awaits me, whether dark or
Under the light of a dazzling full moon.
No one but self joins me on this journey through the
Ether, through that thin curtain that falls
In between the waking world and that of dreams.
Restorative, perhaps, for
Only my body which lies in heavy sleep, but for my mind —
Preternatural, phenomenal, a trip to an alternate reality that’s
Home to countless stories, each able to be lived in by me and
Remembered, if I am quick to write or tenacious in my grasp
Every morning upon waking.
Night-land, dream land, nocturnal world, you are my anchor
In a by-day living world of problems, hurt, and
Anxieties. My heart and restless soul find rest in you.

Euneirophrenia is “the peaceful state of mind after a pleasant dream.” —

My first poetry collection, Mother Scorpion.

Rachel B. Baxter

A few good stories, a thousand different versions. My dreams are written in form. Author of Mother Scorpion.

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