Stones and footprints, photo by Rachel B. Baxter

a haiku sonnet

“Beautiful child with / an artistic soul, I’ll meet / you in your dream world,” haiku. Photo and poem by Rachel B. Baxter.

I read poems to you
in the brightness of your room,
and let you relate

to the quip and wit,
sister sleeping on my arm,
a tender moment —

you love touchable
words, thick, whipping cream paper,
silliness and guile,

a young one snoring,
a young one still listening,
a mother at peace —

words that slide like smoke through air,
quietude falls everywhere.

Mother Scorpion

First draft on lined note paper, photo by Rachel B. Baxter

Photo by Karolina Kołodziejczak on Unsplash

I hope that in twenty years from now,
my daughters and I will still make this carrot cake —
Same way,
Same recipe,
and I hope we will remember eating it
on so many nights
during the year of tough times
that made us tougher.

Written in response to the “Quadrille Your Quarantine” prompt by Tre L. Loadholt.

Rachel B. Baxter

A few good stories, a thousand different versions. My dreams are written in form. Author of Mother Scorpion.

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