Sex & Cars

Seven Vignettes


“How’s morale this morning?” she asked.
“Low…I hit a pole last night.”


First kiss, future husband,
get down low so
they won’t see us —
and, turn off the lights.


Bloody show, labor pains,
put on pants, grab the keys,
drive myself to the hospital
only to be sent home
for a few more hours
that lasted a lifetime.


“How’s my car?” I asked.
“Someone hit it.”
“You’re joking, right?”
“Sorry, no.”


Get Behind Me Satan,
driving around South Bend,
Icky Thump, Blunderbuss,
life changing —
First heard here.


Crying, crying, crying, crying,
a pain so unfamiliar, strong, and deep,
tiny miracle in the back seat —
so, this is PPD.


A Detroit Sunday morning,
A goodbye kiss that burned until it bled
in Grand Circus Park —
Please, oh, please, let me see you again.

Many thanks to Ernio Hernandez for a fabulous prompt!

A few good stories, a thousand different versions. My dreams are written in form. Author of Mother Scorpion.

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