Poetry that can fit in a tweet.

Image created by Rachel B. Baxter. When life hands you tiny pieces of paper, write tiny poems.


What you do know is limited,
what you don’t know is infinitely vast.
So, be kind,
for your capacity for that
is much greater than you know.


I start sentences with “My anxiety,”
such an ugly thing —
rather than make it the subject,
I think I’ll have it fade into the background
and start sentences with “My strength.”


How do you know it’s love?
It’s a sinking feeling in your gut
that both sickens and delights
whenever you are reminded of them,
whether right or wrong,
no matter how long it has been.

A few good stories, a thousand different versions. My dreams are written in form. Author of Mother Scorpion. http://rbbaxter.com

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